• Die-Casting

• Stable and skillful technician

– Provide lots of skill training for employee

– Provide enough development space for employee

– Experienced technician, with over 10 years machining


• One-Stop, Total Solution For Customers. 


• Experienced in multi-industry and high precision machining

– multi-industry: Telecom, Electrical appliance, Aerospace, High speed rail and so on

– Experienced Engineers, with 30 years of Die-Casting and Fixture 


• Advanced management system

–  Developing Lean Operation System

–  Developing  6-Sigma

– Developing Kaizen & Suggestion system


• Be able to deliver high level quality products or service

–  Precision Inspecting equipment

– Certified by TS16949

– Certified by ISO9001

– Strict quality control system: Incoming inspection - Process inspection- final inspection - full inspection - out going inspection

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